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Opportunities for Support

John Henry Dick's vision for Dixie Plantation when he bequeathed it to the College of Charleston in 1995 was that it be used to educate the community about the importance of environmental protection and conservation. However, the continued success of the College's efforts to achieve that vision requires continued philanthropic support. 

Areas of interest, naming opportunities or corporation/foundation partnerships at Dixie Plantation include:

Dixie Plantation Excellence Fund

Avenue of the Oaks

Forestry and Land Management

Educational Programming and Academic Outreach

  • Anthropology and Archaeology
  • Environmental Studies
  • Marine Biology

Heirloom Gardens

John Henry Dick Gardens

For more information about investment opportunities at Dixie Plantation, please contact Barney Holt at or 843.953.1836.

Dixie Plantation is private land and governed by a conservation easement over the entire property. The easement is very specific as to how the natural resources on the property may be used and accessed. Trespassing onto the property and harming the flora and fauna within it are strictly prohibited and violators will be vigorously prosecuted.